About us

iVentureGroup GmbH (founded in 2006) employs over 200 experts in the following sectors: IT development, online marketing and traffic management, analytics, and strategic product management. We see ourselves as entrepreneurs who have retained their start-up spirit. As venture capitalists we have supported dozens of companies in achieving their goals. We run offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, and Kiel. Our portfolio includes community platforms in the online dating sector, payment systems, traffic solutions, analytic tools, and disruptive advertising technologies.

Our Values

  • 1

    Setting high goals

    We are very ambitious as a team. We set high goals for ourselves and are very motivated to achieve them. Our working methods are structured and outcome oriented. We operate according to regulated processes, yet we have still retained our start-up feeling.

  • 2


    We work with state-of-the-art tools and software solutions. Our Tech-Innovation teams ensure that we are always at the cutting edge of technology.

  • 3

    Team Spirit

    We place great value in ensuring that every new employee receives meaningful and comprehensive training. We enjoy our work thanks to team events, joint sports activities, and numerous other benefits.

  • 4


    Each team consists of specialists who promote our products and provide support and encouragement to their colleagues. Our goal is to ensure that each employee becomes a competent contact person in their area of expertise.

  • 5


    Our top priority is to deliver high-quality products with outstanding performance. We also place just as much emphasis on ensuring that each of our employees makes the best of themselves. Therefore we are committed to continually develop our employees as well as our products.

  • 6


    We treat all our employees with respect and value both their professional work and personalities. Teamwork and personal appreciation is something we live every single day. Due to a very flat hierarchy everyone it’s easy for everyone to bring in new ideas and help the organization grow.

Our Vision

Being the best….

Our goal is to achieve and keep the No. 1 ranking in our segment. This involves maximizing sales, but it also includes our employees' development. We aim to achieve this goal using the latest technologies and focus on the personal and professional development of each and every team member.

Providing the best…

When developing our products, we primarily focus on their performance and scalability. We also take network and payment security very seriously. As a result, we are constantly striving to provide high-quality products and services. We also want to provide the best possible workplace for our employees. This is why we offer numerous Benefits, always keep our doors open and listen to our employees' concerns.

Building the best…

Our goal is to build top-performing products with every portfolio company in its respective field. Therefore, we focus on efficient and lean structures and an agile work approach. In our cross-functional teams, work between specialist departments is closely interlinked and enables the creation and utilization of synergies. Internal communication and knowledge management tools ensure that we are constantly exchanging information across all our locations.


We specialize in developing and promoting high-performance community platforms and payment systems. Furthermore, we continuously invest in emerging e-commerce companies.

  • IT Infrastructure

    IT Infrastructure >

    Our technology and network specialists guarantee the smooth operation of our high-availability server landscape and provide the data warehouse cluster for our analysts.

    Administrators and DevOps work closely with developers within our agile infrastructure. We also make use of the latest technologies such as container platforms among others. Our products are self-scaling and mostly cloud based. Automation technologies such as Saltstack enable automated software deployment and inventory.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis >

    We work on a data-driven basis and a very strong analytics team is of the utmost importance for us. This area includes our data warehouse as well as tools and analysis. In addition to manual analysis, we also place great emphasis on automated monitoring, which supports the business intelligence team and immediately draws attention to any changes. Our databases are very extensive, handling more than 700 KPIs per user. Tableau and SQL play an important role in our analysts' daily work. Also our payment application is tracked, evaluated, and analyzed in real time.

    Thanks to the continuous expansion and constant development of our tools, we are always in a position to establish optimal conditions to react in the shortest possible time to changes in the market. This benefit both our products and our partners. We strive to offer external advertisers and publishers the best possible long-term conversion rates and monetization.

  • IT Development

    IT Development >

    We develop high-performance, highly available community platforms and payment systems. Performance and scalability are our focus and core business.
    Our developers work agilely using Kanban and Scrum in cross-functional teams to enable close cooperation between specialized departments.

    All of our customizable payment application systems are redundant. We develop using the latest technologies and provide possibilities for fully automated payment processing in e-commerce for both our internal and over 1,000 external international merchants.

  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing >

    Our online marketing specialists continuously analyze and optimize our processes to guarantee an optimal return on investment. We practice performance marketing in every aspect: Affiliate und Mobile Marketing, SEA/SEO, Media Buying, Conversion Rate Optimization, Key Account Management, E-Mail Marketing, PR, TV, and Display Advertising.

    In our role as an advertiser, we buy traffic (desktop and mobile) and advertising placements on various platforms. Thanks to our performance network, we offer external advertisers and all publishers the opportunity to monetize their traffic in the best possible way. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of products that we market via mobile, desktop and email traffic, carefully tracking and analyzing every step of the customer journey. We are constantly developing creative advertising media (banners, landing pages, overlays, etc.)

    Our AdTech teams provide technical tools for our traffic and sales teams. Our focus is on traffic networks, real-time bidding systems, and automatic conversion rate optimization. By providing technical innovations, AdTech ensures that our sales teams always have their finger on the pulse and remain highly competitive.

  • Investments

    Investments >

    We employ over 200 experts worldwide in the following areas: product, IT, billing and payment, media buying, RevShare, traffic management, analytics, and strategic (growth) management. As venture capitalists we have supported dozens of companies in achieving their goals.

    We invest in scalable online businesses. Traffic solutions, disruptive advertising technologies as well as big data and analysis tools are also attractive for us. Our approach, which we call "Smart Money", not only encompasses financial investment but also active entrepreneurial support. We support our portfolio companies with many years of experience and extensive specialist knowledge. Just like our partner companies, we are entrepreneurs at heart and strive to achieve mutual success.

You´re a good fit for us, if…

You want to achieve something and work ambitiously towards your goals.

You enjoy it when every day is different from the day before.

You have a good sense of humor and are also able to laugh about yourself.

You bring tact, a hands-on mentality and social skills to the table.

You prefer an unconventional start-up atmosphere to that of a large company.

Sounds like you?

If so, we would be very happy to hear from you! You can find our current job vacancies here. If you don't see an open job position that suits you perfectly, but would still like to get to know us, we are always happy to receive unsolicited applications!


We´re looking for you!

Hot Job Offers

We are always looking for motivated and ambitious employees at various locations across Europe. For some of our vacancies, our so-called “hot jobs”, we even offer mediation premiums of up to €5,000.

If you're interested in one of the jobs listed below or if you know someone who is suitable for the position, please contact us!

You do not need to be an iVentureGroup employee to qualify for the premium. However, please observe the Hot Jobs GTC.

Our Benefits

Home Office

The safety and individual needs of our employees are taken very seriously. That is why almost all employees are working from the Home Office during the pandemic. We will also have a Home Office arrangement after Corona.

Crisis-Proof Industry

Even in times of crisis, the online industry is booming. Thus, despite the pandemic in 2020, we achieved significant growth. That' s why we are still looking for energetic support for our team. Take a look at our career website.


We regularly participate in sports events as a company. In addition, we offer a regular sports program for everyone with a personal training character. One can participate via video in a very simple and efficient way.

Flexible Working Hours

Whether you are an early bird or a late sleeper, we offer very flexible working hours so that everybody is motivated and rested when it comes to getting things done.

Individual Workplace

We provide every employee with the equipment they need to work at their best, regardless of whether they are a Windows or Mac user. We are happy to adapt to you to ensure you have optimal working conditions. Ergonomic chairs ensure a healthy working environment.

Fruit Baskets

Several crates of fresh fruit are delivered every week, which are provided free of charge to all employees.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We work with the latest technologies, because our platforms and portals are among the best and we want it to stay that way.

Hot Jobs

For some of our vacancies, our so-called “hot jobs”, we even offer mediation premiums of up to €5,000. Recommendations are definitely worthwhile!

Dress Code

There’s no dress code here! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.


We will gladly help you with your visa application process and will also support you in applying for work permits as well as providing you with information on finding suitable accommodation.

International Team

Our 200 employees originate from over 15 nations. You can look forward to open-minded and helpful colleagues who will gladly welcome you into their team.


It is important to always be at the cutting edge of technology. For this reason, we support our employees in expanding their know-how and continuing their professional training in specific areas.

Company Events

We regularly organize both site-specific and cross-location events where our employees have an opportunity to get to know each other better and exchange information.

Central Locations

Our company locations are centrally located and easy to reach. Our attractive, modern offices ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.

Health Management

We provide an annual flu vaccination. We want everyone to feel safe in the office, especially at Corona times. That is why, in addition to various hygiene measures, we provide Corona rapid tests. These must be done before entering.

Questions about Applying?

  • Which documents or information should I include in my application?

    In order to be able to consider your application, we need a cover letter, curriculum vitae, and, if applicable, job references. Please be sure to include your salary expectations and your earliest possible start date.

  • What are the contact possibilities?

    You are welcome to contact us by email at [email protected] If you would like to apply, you can also do so directly by clicking on the “Apply now” button in the advertisement!

  • How does the application process work?

    Once your application has been received, you will receive confirmation from us. We will subsequently review your application and invite you for an initial interview if we think you might be a good fit for the position. This first conversation takes place on site or via Skype / telephone. You will get the chance to familiarize yourself with the specialist department, take a tour of the office and gain some in-depth insight.

    After a successful interview and in the case of mutual interest, we will invite you to a second interview to clarify contractual details and send you a subsequent offer.

    Depending on the position and the people involved, it is possible that your application process may differ slightly from this standard procedure. For some jobs, we may invite you to work a trial period. We often conduct several interviews for management positions. In any case, we will always inform you about the next steps as promptly and extensively as possible!

  • When will I receive feedback?

    We will process all applications as quickly as possible. Please bear in mind that depending on the position and the number of applications, the time required to receive feedback may vary. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by sending an email to [email protected].

  • What do I do if I can’t find a suitable position?

    We also welcome unsolicited applications! You can send us an unsolicited application directly via our application tool or by email. We will let you know as soon as possible if a suitable position becomes available. If we don’t have a suitable position for you at the moment but feel that you would be a good match for us, we will gladly add you to our talent pool!

    You can also set up an individual job subscription in our job portal. This way, you will receive an automatic notification when we post a job that interests you.

  • May I reapply after a rejection?

    Yes! We often also need to turn down very well-qualified candidates, as the decision is usually based on minor details. We would therefore be pleased if you would like to reapply or apply for another suitable position.

  • Can I apply for several jobs?

    Yes, of course you can apply for several positions! We will review your application and consider which position suits you best.

  • What format and size should I upload the documents in?

    Please upload your documents in PDF format only (max. 5 MB).

  • Should I apply in German or English?

    You can apply in both German and English. Please note, however, that depending on the location and team, knowledge of both languages may be required.

  • Does the iVentureGroup offer training?

    Yes! Every year we take on trainees in the office and IT sectors. When we have a vacancy for an apprenticeship, you’ll be able to find the advertisement in our job portal.

  • Who will be conducting my interview?

    As a rule, the interview will be conducted by an HR employee and a representative of the respective department. Depending on the position, other people may also be called in, or a second interview may take place to introduce other colleagues.


„It is ensured that one feels comfortable as an employee.“ more on Kununu

„The team spirit is great, everyone helps everyone.“ more on Xing

„The work is varied. There's always time and space to try something new.“ more on Kununu

„Corporate philosophy in practice! Fantastic welcome culture, efficient orientation process, quick integration into the company.“ more at the SurfmediaBlog

„My expectations have been exceeded. It's really fun to work here, and you can really enjoy the multicultural atmosphere.“ more on Xing

„At last, an employer who cares about their employees’ opinions.“ more on Xing

„Ideal working conditions with an excellent environment and great leadership.“ more on Xing

„There are always exciting topics and projects and the company is constantly developing.“ more on Xing


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General Terms for Hot Job Referrals

1. General information

1.1. iVentureGroup GmbH, Wendenstrasse 21b, 20097 Hamburg (hereinafter referred to as ”iVentureGroup”) is a rapidly growing company in the IT segment and is looking for new, qualified employees. These General Terms govern the regulations of bonus pay for recruiting new employees (hereinafter referred to as „Referral Program“ or „Hot Job Referrals“) for job offers listed as “Hot Jobs” on the website https://www.iVentureGroup.com/en/#hotjobs

1.2. by the contract partner (hereinafter referred to as “Advertiser”). The referral of new employees is reserved to natural persons who have reached the age of 18 years.

1.3. By accepting these General Terms, the Advertiser agrees to refer potential employees only under the premise that it cannot be attributed to his commercial or independent professional activity. Such an activity exists if referrals are given on a scheduled basis and to a greater extent with the intention of making regular profits.

1.4. If the Advertiser intends commercial use or should such an intent come to light after conclusion of the contract, the Advertiser commits to immediately notify iVentureGroup in writing. In that case, iVentureGroup reserves the right to exclude the Advertiser from the Referral Program or to approve commercial activity in individual cases.

1.5. The Advertiser acts on his/her own behalf and is not subject to instructions from iVentureGroup. The Advertiser is responsible for complying with all legal provisions applicable to him/her personally, including relevant tax laws and commercial terms.

1.6. iVentureGroup reserves the right to make the sole decision on hiring an applicant and is not obligated to hire any referred applicants. The applicants must go through the standard recruiting process.

2. Bonus conditions

2.1. The referral and placement of a new employee is remunerated by a bonus provided that

  • The position is listed as “Hot Job” on the website https://www.iVentureGroup.com/en/#hotjobs;
  • The application of the new employee along with his/her first and last name was announced by the Advertiser to iVentureGroup under the email address [email protected];
  • The referred applicants are friends, acquaintances, relatives or other personal contacts of the Advertiser;
  • The recommended applicant has reached the age of 18 years;
  • The recommended applicant refers to the Advertiser in his/her application, and
  • The recommended applicant has had no previous working or training relationship with iVentureGroup or one of its affiliated companies.

2.2. The Advertiser will be notified by iVentureGroup of a successful referral. A successful referral as defined in this paragraph constitutes a recommendation as outlined in 2.1 which led to the conclusion of an employment contract and subsequent start of employment of the recommended applicant.

2.3. The amount of the bonus is displayed on the website https://www.iVentureGroup.com/en/#hotjobs with the respective job description.

2.4. The entitlement to 50% of the bonus arises when the applicant starts his/her employment after an employment contract has been concluded between iVentureGroup and the applicant who was referred or recommended by the Advertiser. If a contract is provided for an activity other than the advertised job opening, there is no entitlement to the bonus.

2.5. The entitlement to the remaining 50 % of the bonus arises after the end of six months from the start of employment of the recommended employee, provided the employee is still employed with iVentureGroup after completion of the trial period.

2.6. Each applicant can only be recommended once. Should an applicant be recommended several times or by several persons, only the earliest referral will be included in the Referral Program. Referrals made at a later date will not be considered.

2.7. Self-advertisements or commercial referrals or recommendations from employees of iVentureGroup or affiliated companies are not eligible for bonus payments.

2.8. Referral and application must be received by iVentureGroup in a timely manner (at an interval of maximum 14 days).

2.9. The date of receipt of the referral and application is important for the participation.

3. Payment conditions

3.1. After successful start of employment as outlined in Item 2.4 of these General Terms, the Advertiser issues a proper invoice for 50% of the bonus to iVentureGroup. The payment will be made within 14 days cashless to an account in Germany to be specified by the Advertiser.

3.2. Under the requirements stated in Item 2.5 and at the end of six months, the Advertiser issues an additional invoice to iVentureGroup for the remaining 50% of the bonus. The payment will be made within 14 days cashless to the Advertiser’s account as outlined in Item 3.1.

3.3. The bonus is to be understood as the net amount.

4. Confidentiality

The Advertiser and iVentureGroup declare to keep secret and confidential any data and information they have received about the other contract party or an applicant within the context of the referral or placement, and not to disclose these to third parties. This obligation continues even after expiration of this contract.

5. Changes and revocation

The bonuses valid at the time of contract conclusion with the Advertiser shall apply. iVentureGroup reserves the right to amend these General Terms at any time with effect for the future and to discontinue this offer at any time, also with effect for the future.

6. Data protection

The Privacy Policy of iVentureGroup under https://www.iVentureGroup.com/en/#hotjobs applies to the protection of personal data.

7. Final provisions

7.1. he contract entered into between the Advertiser and iVentureGroup, including these General Terms, is subject exclusively to the material right of the Federal Republic of Germany with exception of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and German International Private Law.

7.2. Place of performance for all contractual obligations and place of jurisdiction for all disputes under this contract are the registered office of iVentureGroup.

7.3. If the user is a consumer in terms of Article 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB), mandatory consumer protection regulations of the country in which the consumer normally resides remain unaffected.

7.4. 4. Side agreements must be made in writing. If individual provisions of these General Terms or parts thereof are or become legally invalid, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid one within the meaning of the supplementary interpretation of the contract which in the best possible manner comes closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

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